Thursday, October 30, 2014

Annual Holiday Cocktail Party

Hello Residents,
Please see the attached Annual Holiday Cocktail Party event notice from your Social Committee.
Please contact Jacqui Rizzo at 772-539-9761 or Judy Darago at 772-562-6456 for information regarding this event.
Thank you all.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Everyone Loves Thoughtful Neighbors

Everyone loves thoughtful neighbors, but it appears that a few reminders are needed regarding what a thoughtful neighbor does and doesn't do:


  • A thoughtful neighbor DOESN'T leave cigarette butts on the ground or stuffed in our beautiful lakeside benches. There have been reports of the Marlboro man hanging around.

  • A thoughtful neighbor DOESN'T deposit their "dog poop" bags in common area trash receptacles to cook in the sun, but brings them home to put out with the garbage.

  • A really thoughtful neighbor brings their junk mail and water bottles home to put out with their recyclables Thursday night for really early Friday morning pick-up. 

  • A really thoughtful neighbor cuts up their boxes and puts them out for recycling day, and not with Tuesday's garbage. 

  • A thoughtful neighbor doesn't discard useful items to fill up the landfill, but puts a notice up on the bulletin board or calls a local charity to come and pick them up. (Vero is full of many organizations helping the less fortunate and homeless.)


    We are all so fortunate to live in this beautiful community. 

Let's keep it that way. 

Cookout Announcement

Dear Residents,

Please see the attached cookout announcement flyer and plan on  joining in on the fun!

Thank you all,

Your Neighborhood Watch Committee and Social Committee 

Bench Dedication Ceremony

Hello Residents,

Please join us in remembering Ginette Alumbaugh on November 9, 2014 at 3:30 PM at 5242 Eleuthra Circle overlooking the Eagle preserve.

Please see the attached notice of event.

Thank you all.

Saturday, October 18, 2014



 All Owners should be aware that the HOA has engaged a contractor who injects a rust inhibitor into the water that comes out of the sprinklers all through the Isles.  The mixture is 70 % effective in preventing rust stains on homes, sidewalks, etc.   Their technician tours the Isles and hand sprays any rust stains he finds.   Their work program is extremely efficient and effective and the HOA rarely receive complaints.

In the event that you find rust stains from the irrigation water on your home or sidewalk please notify Rosie at or   so that the contractor may be dispatched to treat the area.

Water Aerobics and Yoga Notice‏